​#1 SEO & Mobile Friendly Website

​#1 SEO & Mobile Friendly Website

Getting more business and ranking on top of Google or other search engines should be the purpouse of every site. Our website development team will build you the SEO & Mobile Friendly website you need to rank at the top. We can provide:


• SEO Friendly – Member Login

• Website & E-Commerce

• Applications Integration

• Feasible & Cost Effective

• Mobile, Fast, Compatible

SEO & Mobile Friendly website is the foundation of having a successful business. Be proud of your website, and get more traffic everyday. Get found online and receive more referrals with the help of our Review Generator Software

  • What is a SEO Friendly Website?

    There are more than 1.8 billion websites on the weband only 3% of all website get any traffic. We can provide a unique website with your keyword selected content to help your SEO presence.

  • What is Mobile Friendly Website?

    A big part of SEO prensce is the quality of your website. 5 Major quality factors are:

    • design of the website (for all users, mobile friendly)
    • The content
    • Number of page
    • Click conversion 
    • page speed

    By contantly maintaining your website you can always stay ahead of the curve make change to help you get more business online. 



  • What is key word contenting?

    Quality of words / keywords and pragraghraphs plays a big role in apearing on top of Google searches. Your businnes can always become more attractive to clients by choosing the right words to communicate and convincing audience to  make a purchase on your website 

  • What is Local Listing?

    If you are struggeling to get visitor to your website you need to get Local Listed online. As local listing is the foundation to succesfful SEO program, but it also will help you gain more customer online by  promting your website to 50+ Directories and industry wide citations.

  • How to get more leads?

    Let's understand the diffrence between inbound vs outbound lead. the best example of out bound leas ads on social media, people dont really need your services right then and there.


    Inbound lead is a potential customer who is activley looking for your service and is using search engines like Google, Yelp and bing to find you. You want to make sure potential customer can find you when they are looking for a similar service or produts.


    Online Local Lisitng and review generation is the solution to getting rank on of top Google, Yelp and Bing organicly.    

  • How to get started?

    We recommend to get started with SEO & Mobile Friendly website and eventually get listed online between 50+ directories and search engines like Google, Yelp, and Bing. Once you have a flow customer usually more than 10 we recommend to start generating reviews on every platform (Starting with google)


    You can begin by either giving us a call at 469-656-8072 between 9-5pm central. Or you can email at SOONera.inc@gmail.com

  • What are the steps to getting ranked online?

    There are 3 major step:

    1. - SEO & Mobile Friendly Website
    2. - Online Local Listing Optomization 
    3. - Review Generation & Reputation Management 

    The combination of these 3 solutions can help you become a dominant business on google, yelp or bing.

  • How long does it usually take to get ranked?

    All data such as NAP ( Name, Address, Phone & Business description, Images, Keywrods and more) will be sumbited to all directories and data aggregators withing 5-10 minutes. Some directories process the data fasted than others.


    Google, Yelp, & Bing listing may take up to 10 days to become fully confirmed and listed online.